Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Faith without works is dead. I believe wholeheartedly in God, prayer and faith. However some of you all are using it as a scapegoat to sit, run or hide. Yes, believe in his word and that he'll keep his promises. Pray with the faith of a muster seed that there will be a brighter day. Wait patiently on him, but in the meantime what else will you be doing???? What if he's waiting on you to lead that next protest. What if he's waiting on you to organize that next rally. What if he's waiting on you to create the next black Panther party/movement. You can't just sit back and watch in faith. You want peaceful protesting? Guess what most of the "riots" you hear about started as protesters PEACEFULLY taking a stand. You know what happens. They're harassed, antagonized, violated and provoked first. Then the shit gets live. So if you want to speak biblically we can do that too. Even the bible says Faith without works is dead. Where are you putting in the work?! 

James 2:14

14 What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? 

Friday, April 17, 2015


It's not done until it's done ..

I'm being tested. Today has me thinking back on a conversation I had with a broker I use to work for. Whenever a seemingly good opportunity or business move would come his way I'd get super excited. He'd never seem totally enthused. It's not that he wasn't grateful. He'd always say "Jenn, it's not done until it's done". It's finally starting to resonate with me. People in this industry will talk such a good game and waste hours or more of your time about working, networking and opportunities. I've done videos, short films, photo shoots and other work that I've never seen or received. I've had people promise me that were going to do things and never did. I've had people actually book/schedule days to work and cancel continuously. I'm sure most times their intentions are genuine. However it's rare that most actually follow through. It was honestly starting to make me disgruntled and dislike industry "professionals". I realized then that it's okay to be optimistic, but don't necessarily get excited about everything a person says they'll do. Wait until it's done. It'll save you (and them getting cursed out.. Lol) .. People will always talk a lot, but rarely follow through. So before you get your hopes up just remember, "it's not done until it's done"

Monday, November 17, 2014

If it doesn't fit, don't force it...

If it doesn't fit, don't force it...

Rule #1 for learning to dress myself appropriately was "if it doesn't fit, don't force it". Why? Well because honestly you won't look good, you'll be uncomfortable, in some instances it may hurt and ultimately you won't feel good about yourself. Letting go of the wrong fit may mean you'll have to get a bigger size and that's okay. Bigger isn't bad, in fact it'll make you more confident because the fit is right. 

I'm learning to take the same approach in life. Just like clothing, life isn't a one size/one way fit all deal. Often times we find ourselves trying to force our way into someone's heart. We're trying to force ourselves to live the way other people think we should. We're trying to force ourselves to be liked and accepted by trying to fit in where we don't belong. Stop!! Release the wrong fit and go bigger. When you let go of things that don't fit you, you will attract the things and people meant for you. Put that small back and step into bigger, better and greater. 

My point is just because the desire may be there doesn't mean it/he/she/ or certain lifestyle is good fit for us. Trying to force ourselves into it will just cause discomfort, disappointment, heartache and unhappiness. No matter what it is you are seeking be sure to make certain that the fit is for you. Don't force relationships. Don't force friendships. Don't force yourself to into a lifestyle that you can't really afford. Don't force yourself to do things that you don't want to just to be accepted. It doesn't mean those people or things are bad. They just aren't for you and it's okay to acknowledge that and live your life the way you see fit. 

"Don't force pieces that don't fit"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free Yourself

Free Yourself

Live becomes so much better when we learn to give up a lot of the little things that are weighing heavily upon our mind and spirit. I came across a picture of  list of things we should all give up. I promise once you do, your mind will be at ease and each day will seem like a breeze.

Happy Thursday!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wellness Wednesday- I want us to be well

Wellness Wednesday- I want us to be well

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly post that I have decided to incorporate into my blog to stress the importance of taking care of your health. By taking care of your health I don’t mean strictly being fit or losing weight. I want to encourage more people, especially people in the black community to be a bit more serious about our well-being.  The rates in which African Americans are suffering from many diseases and health complications are continuously increasing. Many of these diseases and complications can be prevented with just making sure we are more selective about the foods we eat and getting more physical activity in a few times a week. My goal is not to insist everyone make their mission to walk around looking like some beach body bombshell. Heck I am not even on that level… But I do want us all to walk around knowing how amazing it feels when you know that you are doing what’s best for your health and body.

In the U.S. African Americans are more likely to develop high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and suffer from obesity than Caucasians Americans. Sure, there are some factors that assist in this percentage like your age, family history, gender and race. However there are quite a few things that we can control to battle against the statistics like eating healthy, being physically active or working out, maintaining a decent weight, and reducing the amount of smoking and alcohol consumption.

When I was younger and would hear about these diseases, my ignorant logic just thought sometimes old people get these diseases and that’s life.  That’s totally false. In fact many of the people being diagnosed and falling ill are becoming much younger and dependent upon medication. My brother was forced to drastically change his diet by his doctor to avoid being placed on medication because he had high cholesterol. He was only in his 30’s at the time and was not and never has been overweight. My mom was put on medication for high blood pressure when she was in her 50’s. As I got older and started my weight loss journey I begin to find out the importance of nutrition. Nutrition didn’t only affect weight loss; it really was the key to preventing most ailments. When I ate poorly and sat on my butt all day, yes I gained weight and wanted to get it off asap, but I also felt sick, sluggish, and tired all the time. My eczema was always going crazy. I developed bronchitis. I felt and looked horrible. Initially I started working out just to lose weight. Then I started focusing on choosing to stop putting trash in my body.  I became obsessed with food industry documentaries and witnessing all of the crap that’s being injected into the animals and chemicals being put in the processed foods. When I removed a good portion of the junk from my diet I noticed how good I felt internally immediately. Then my eczema cleared up. I use to have to always purchase those cortisone creams and ointments. Not anymore. I have had to deal with my skin issues in a couple of years. I haven’t had trouble with bronchitis.  I rarely even catch a common cold. I know I owe a good deal of that to taking the steps to better my health. We only have one body and one life to live. Why not do what we can to help live our best life and feel our greatest. I don’t expect you all to become Wellness Wendy/Wendell overnight. I am still a work in progress as well. The effort and sacrifice is worth it. We can’t live out our dreams being sick on the sofa. So, each week I am dedicated to bringing you a wellness post to make sure that we are all making an effort to live well.

From My heart to yours,





Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tip Tuesdays: If you are going to ride public transportation

Tip Tuesday!!!

If you are going to Ride Public Transportation:

I am on public transportation daily. I don’t have a car. If I am not in a cab, most times I am on the bus. I prefer the Chicago buses over the train, but I digress.  Each day that I ride the bus I often see people do thing that seem quite inconsiderate to the rest of the passengers. I wonder if they just don’t know that it is annoying or if they just don’t care. In the even that maybe they just don’t know that some stuff is not all that pretty to the rest of us, I decided to whip up a list of a few things that annoy me while riding public transportation.

1.       Have your fare or pass ready before the train/bus arrives. One a nice summer day we may not mind waiting a few seconds if for some reason you have inaccurate change or your card isn’t working, but for the most part we are annoyed. We are all trying to get to our different destinations and don’t want to wait for you to gather your coins, ask how much the bus fare is, or search through a suitcase sized handbag to find your fare card. You knew you were waiting for public transportation and that you are expected to pay. Have your fare ready.


2.       If you are wearing a huge backpack, laptop bag, purse, or murse remove it from your shoulders to avoid knocking the other standing passengers in the rib cage or giving the seating passengers a mild concussion. No one wants to have to duck and dodge that weapon of a bag while you work your way through the aisle.


3.       Speaking of the aisle, if there aren’t any seats available, don’t stop in the very front of the aisle. This forces everyone to have to squeeze by you. Just move to the back and make it easier on everyone.


4.       Since I mentioned no seats being available, I must point out that hogging two seats is quite rude. Your fare paid for one seat. When the bus or train is getting crowded, put your crap in your lap or on the floor. If you don’t want to sit next to anyone call a cab. Until then, get over yourself.


5.       Parents, I can’t imagine how much it takes to get your little ones ready and out of the door so that you can handle your business. I am sure it is an absolute struggle at times. However, if you see that the bus or train is starting to fill up, can you please fold that gigantic stroller or at least lock it up in the area where wheelchairs are typically secured. Allowing that stroller to just sit in the aisle for your convenience is a bit inconsiderate to the rest of us. It is unfair to make us trip, stumble and squeeze by because it is taking up more space than it has to.


6.       I almost want a cell phone ban on public transportation. I am okay if you want to use your commute to catch up with a friend or handle a little business via your cell phone on the bus. Just use your inside voice. Your conversation is YOURS, so it should be private. Don’t speak so loudly subjecting the rest of us to the happenings of your life. We know that you think you are the hot shot and a dime diva, but the rest of us are just hoping your call drops so that you can shut up.


7.       Music Lovers, I know that your favorite tunes make everything better including a long commute. I also enjoy listening to music as I am on my ride. The difference is I listen to my music with my headset. I don’t blast my music on speaker. Just because I want to get bodied by Beyonce does not mean that every other passenger is on board. Keep in mind this is a ride on public transportation not a small soiree with friends. Don’t blast your music on speaker.


8.       Change has come and of course we can sit anywhere that we’d like. That does not mean sit damn near on your neighbor and get cozy. Give people a little breathing room and space. Sit in your seat, not right up against the other person. If you see seating is a little tight sit more toward the front of your seat or opt to stand.


9.       No one wants to miss their stop, but don’t push people aside rushing to the door. If you aren’t near an exit, simply get up a stop early, say “excuse me”, and begin to make your way to the closest exit.


10.   When you need to alert the bus operator of your stop pull the string or push the bell. No need to yell out at the bus driver or bang on the doors. If you aren’t near a string or bell just ask the passenger next to it to press the button for you. They will do it. Trust me, people would much rather pull the string for you than to have you reaching all over them.


11.   If it is not a stop, you can’t get off there. Stop trying to create a stop that is not on the actual route. If you are unsure of a stop or street ask someone sitting near you or ask the driver. Don’t go making a scene because you want to get off in a spot that isn’t an actual stop. It just makes you look silly and makes the rest of us give a major black stare O_O


These are just a few tips to help you have a smooth commute on public transportation without annoying your fellow passengers along the way. That’s it for Tip Tuesday! You’re Welcome! J

Monday, August 12, 2013

Never Too Late to make a fresh start

Never Too Late to make a fresh start..

You’ve made some mistakes. You have some regrets. You wish you had taken a different path. You wish you had not wasted time being foolish. I know how it feels to be in that place. The good thing about life is that you can use the very next second to make a change. Each new second, minute, moment, hour or day can be used as an opportunity to make a fresh start. It is never to late to start over or change directions and make a better decision for your life. You can always go back to school. You can always break bad habits. You can always relocate. As long as you have your life and health flowing in your body you have a chance to live the life that you desire. You are never too old to follow a dream. It is never too late to pursue your passions. Shake those negative thoughts of defeat or thinking that you have made too many mistakes in your life to repair. We all have made a ton of mistakes and will make more. Just use your past a blessing and a lesson. Then move in the direction to fulfill your destiny.  “Today is not just another day. It is a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning. Embrace it.”

Just know and believe in your heart that you are destined to do great things. You are greatness. Work hard and Have faith.

From My heart To Yours..